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Bad Soden is located in the scenic, south-eastern foothills of the Taunus mountains near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The town has a history as a spa resort ("Bad" is German for "Bath") with over 30 thermal and mineral springs.

Our objective is to present snapshots of our (small) town population of 21,556. This is a "just for fun - not for the money" project.

The theme of our photography project is a table where the people of Bad Soden sit down and have a snapshot of their lives taken. No need to be famous, rich or a beauty queen (If you are one, that's fine as well).

All portraits shown here are of people that either live or work in Bad Soden.


This project stands on the shoulders of Regina Pagles' outstanding work in Springdale, Utah and we are indebted to her willingness to share many of her portrait and post processing skills with the photo community. Regina is a master at portrait photography but unfortunately she decided to stop after 4 years of great work.

The other inspiration came from Brandon Stanton who is running a famous blog called "Humans of New York". Although, technically Brandon is a photographer he has become much more of a storytelling master, portraiting random strangers in New York in the streets. If you do not yet belong to the 12 million visitors of his website, you should go and check it out now! 


Bad Sodener Köpfe


Visages de Bad Soden

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